This is the only island in Syria, and its located 3km from Tartus.


It was an independent kingdom named Aradus in the days of Caanaanites. It was often mentioned in inscriptions because of its importance in commerce and seafaring. Arwad provided shelter for those escaping from foreign invasions in ancient times. Especially for the people of Amrit in the south of Tartus. Amrit still retains its name since the 5th century B.C. It has temple surrounded by water. Arwad is a beautiful small island, which a mass of houses and fortresses with narrow lanes. It has many cafés and restaurants overlooking Tartus and the sea. Its ancient citadel was used as a prison for the nationalists during the resistance against the French. The wall of some cells in this citadel are still covered with the graffiti of the nationalists.


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